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Prelude Hotel is within short travel distance to many tourist attractions. It is the perfect relaxation destination for tourists to visit historical and religious heritages, enjoy adventurous rides, appreciate mother nature’s beauty and more! The province boasts its famous historical sites and landmarks such as the Bridge of River Kwai, which is accessible in 15 minutes, the Kanchanaburi Way Cemetery in under 12 minutes, the Death Railway (16 minutes), Malika R.E.124 The Siamese Living Heritage Town (30 minutes) and etc.

Aside from its famous historical sites, its rich natural landscapes are also a must-see! The Kanchanaburi landscape is filled with lush green forest blanketed over mountains that fill the horizon. Erawan Waterfall (1hr. 15 minutes) is one of the major attractions. The waterfall is divided into seven different level, all unique and beautiful in its own way. For tourists who seek exciting adventure experiences, Saiyok Elephant Park, located 50 minutes drive away, is a highly recommended destination. Tourists are able to enjoy elephant rides and watch spectacular elephant shows.


Apart from the province’sa rich historical heritages and nature, tourists are able to enjoy architectural beauty from visiting religious temples. The Dragonhead Cave Temple, a mere 15 minutes drive away, is an ancient temple resting between the gentle slopes of mountain and the scenic bank of the MaeKong River. The Tham-Khao-Noi Temple, known for its Chinese-influence architecture, is located 20 minutes away.


Good staffs, I like this hotel facilities.


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